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What is Tailbone Pain?

Holistic Tailbone Pain Treatment

The tailbone, or Coccyx, is located at the base of the spine. For those who experience difficulty sitting for long periods, or have painful discomfort in the region, seeking a qualified holistic chiropractor to find pain relief is essential. A holistic practitioner will look to identify the root cause of the problem. And treat the cause of tailbone pain without surgery.

Dr. Le at ACN Wellness of Vienna, Virginia specializes in treating pain using a functional and integrative approach. Opposed to more conventional methods of treatment. Dr. Le uses functional medicine techniques to treat tailbone pain. Functional medicine is a philosophy centered on better understanding the underlying causes and symptoms. And using treatments targeted at correcting the cause of the pain and not just the symptoms.

Dr. Le is skilled at using the following techniques to treat various pains:

The above-listed methods allow for a broad range of treatments that are tailored to the individual’s specific needs. Pain relief can be achieved in many cases with non-invasive procedures. Having surgery is only an option if other methods have failed to achieve results.

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Symptoms of Tailbone Pain

A tailbone or Coccyx injury can have varying degrees of pain and symptoms. Some may experience bruising or swelling while others may feel pressure and increased pain when sitting. Although the symptoms vary, tailbone pain usually refers to any pain or discomfort at the base of the spine.

Symptoms of this pain are as follows:

  • Pain in the tailbone that is severe and localized to that area of the body
  • Tenderness in the tailbone, especially when sitting
  • Bruising may appear if there has been an injury to the area
  • Increased levels of pain when sitting or when pressure is applied to the area
  • Painful bowel movements

The symptoms of tailbone pain may result from an injury or an underlying medical condition. Regardless of the cause and symptoms, there are options for relief.

Who Suffers from Tailbone Pain?

Anyone who has an injury to the base of the spine can experience this type of pain. It is often common more common in women than in men. Women are five times more likely to suffer from tailbone pain than men.

A woman who is in the later stages of pregnancy or just after birth may experience tailbone birth. Whether it is severe or mild, this type of discomfort is more prevalent due to stress put on the tailbone during childbirth and pregnancy.

Those who are aging or place strain on their tailbone through repetitive movements (such as rowing or bicycling) are also likely to experience this pain. As the protective tissues and joints succumb to wear and tear over the years, pain in the tailbone may become more pronounced.

Tailbone pain has many causes. Although some are mild and will go away on their own, many sufferers experience ongoing pain due to injury and other health issues.

What Causes Tailbone Pain?

Injury to the triangular section at the base of the spine will result in tailbone pain. Impacts on this region of the body can lead to fractures, bruising, or a dislocated tailbone.

Constipation and even hemorrhoids can cause pain at the base of the spine. As an internal trauma occurs, pain or swelling can occur.

Impact on the base of the spine will almost certainly result in tailbone pain. Those who play contact sports or even someone who has fallen may experience varying degrees of pain in the region.

Pregnancy and Childbirth
One of the more common causes of tailbone pain; pregnancy and childbirth often causes trauma to the base of the spine. As the ligaments at the base of the spine loosen during the birthing process, a woman may experience excessive pain in the Coccyx. Chronic lower back pain can make tailbone pain worsen.

Medical Conditions Causing Tailbone Pain

Although rare, there are medical conditions that can contribute to pain in the tailbone.

Tumors that are located on or near the tailbone may be painful or cause discomfort. The pressure put on the small bone structure can make it difficult to sit or stand.

Degenerative Bone Disorders

Disorders that result in bone density loss may increase the risk of tailbone injury and therefore cause pain and discomfort. As people age, the bones become weaker which can relate to tailbone injuries.

Levator Syndrome
Muscle spasms in the anus may lead to pain in the hips and tailbone. Levator syndrome can be the cause of tailbone pain if there is no injury present.

Some infections to the lower part of the spine or generalized area may be the cause of tailbone pain. This is another cause that is not related to an injury or an impact.

Bone Spurs
Bone spurs can put pressure on nerves and tendons in the region. This is rare, but it can be related to unexplained tailbone pain.

Who to See for Tailbone Pain?

As with searching for any medical professional, it is important to look for someone who is well-qualified to treat the symptoms and underlying problems. Seeking a healthcare professional who focuses on taking a functional and integrative approach to treatment will work with you to ensure you achieve relief and peace-of-mind.

Treatments should be tailored to fit your individual needs. When choosing a healthcare provider or physician for tailbone pain relief, it’s important to choose someone who has several treatment options available.

Using a holistic approach to medicine means effective techniques that are proven to work. With minimally invasive options that do not require additional medicines, pain relief can be achieved without unnecessary side effects.

How to Help Tailbone Pain?

There are many options for treating tailbone pain. Dr. Le of the ACN Wellness Clinic is a highly-skilled professional who cares just as much about the patient as treating the symptoms. Using methods and skills that focus on the whole patient, you will be a partner in your treatment.

Schedule a visit with ACN Wellness Clinic today to achieve relief. If you are becoming more concerned about your pain, or you are experiencing an increased level of discomfort; give us a call at 703-729-5600.


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