My name is Dr. Viet Le, and I am a board-licensed chiropractic physician who has found purpose in bringing wellness to people’s lives through integration of alternative medicine. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1996 and Life University in Atlanta in 2001, I opened my practice with the focused goal of addressing the core source of my patient’s health concerns. Whether my patients suffer from physical illness or physiological imbalance, my primary approach is to understand the condition behind the symptoms, and begin treating and educating them about their own health. I believe that awareness of the true cause, and how it can impact our physical, physiological, and even genetic capabilities is ultimately where we can begin our journey to wellness

I strive to help people remain healthy and happy by offering complete wellness programs for patients of all ages and mobility levels. My professional services do not end with the successful treatment of your initial ailment; I seek to offer a variety of services to help patients maintain a healthy and pain-free life. As an avid sports enthusiast, I personally enjoy playing tennis, cycling, running, football, and actively participates in many other sports; and because of this, I truly value the opportunities good health and mobility afford. My goal is to restore my patients ability to pursue their own wellness lifestyle.

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Our Testimonials

Words from our patients

If you are looking for a great Chiropractor in Ashburn or Vienna, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Le at ACN Wellness (formerly Positively Chiropractics). I pulled my ITB during a race and needed someone who could help expedite my healing time. My GP suggested that I see a chiropractor. I was a bit skeptical, but decided to give it a try. I found Dr. Le through my insurance company and I am so glad that I did! My experience at ACN Wellness was fantastic from the minute I requested an appointment through the appointment itself. The entire staff was courteous, helpful, efficient, and professional! ACN offers acupuncture and other medical services that I may try in the future. Overall, ACN is a great chiropractic office that I highly recommend!

- Jennifer C.

Dr. Viet Le is an AMAZING chiropractor! He's very professional, gets the problem fixed and doesn't pressure you into other appointments. He's able to explain why you're having pain, the way that certain part of your body works, ways to remedy it and most importantly - is able to FIX it. I've gone to other chiropractors/physcial therapists that 'insist' on scheduling weekly Something is wrongs for the next 6 months and have had zero results. Dr. Le was able to un-knot ligaments behind my knee due to a motorcycle accident in 1 Something is wrong, worked out a problem I had with my ACL in a month and have returned to him again to help with a knot in my back. I will follow him if he ever switches offices! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Le!

- Andrea P.

This is a great practice. First he listens and develops a plan for your needs. He worked with my insurance to make sure all was covered. He solved my lower back problem and now I only need to go to him a couple of times a year now. Visits I look forward to.

- Bob M.

Dr. Le is amazing. I have gone to him for quite some time and I always leave his office feeling better than when I went in. I have very bad arthritis and he has helped me so much with adjustments and pain. I would HIGHLY recommend him!! His staff is also wonderful.

- Ruth C.

Dr. Le is a great doctor in helping my Mom with her knee issues. We have been going to this office and the last couple weeks and my Mom has seen the improvement in her walking. He is very attentive and is very positive to make the patients feel at ease. I have recommended him to my co-worker and friends.

- Jason H.

Dr. Viet Le is the bomb diggity. I honestly was really skeptical about holistic medicine and chiropractics. I had been to a few before and none of them could solve my terrible migraines. They were often very pushy and kinda forced you into appointments week after week. I went in to see Dr. Le and everything changed. He very kindly patiently examined me and then explained how your body functions and the negative effects sitting wrong or cracking your neck can have on your body. Within a few weeks my headaches were gone. Now I just go in every few months for a tune up or if I am having a really bad headache day. Heather the office manager is also amazing!!!!!! If you have any kind of headaches or back and neck pain and you arnt seeing Dr. Viet Le....YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG

- Zachary D.

I have been in and out of chiropractic care for the past thirty years. I went to see Dr Le, about a year ago. He came up with a plan and put me through about a month of therapy. Since then I have not had an issue. IF, I have any further issues I would definitely go see him again. And I recommend him to anyone looking.

- Reid T.

Dr. Viet Le is hands down the best doctor I have had in my life. I have seen numerous specialists (cough, cough - Johns Hopkins gastroenterologists, cardiologists, neurologists), primary care providers, and holistic specialists to no avail. Dr. Le is kind, real, and hands on. He has a funny sense of humor as well. He spends the time and puts you in the right direction through multiple effective therapies. He has taught me about global body health and I truly feel like my life has been saved. He is also a fantastic acupuncturist, chiropractor, and myofascial release expert. See this man if you haven't been able to get answers to your complex medical challenges. The body is a complicated and miraculous piece of machinery, and functional medicine seeks to address the core and the body as a whole. Traditional medicine is needed, but when necessary, and appears to be good for reactive needs. Medication is controlled by Big Pharma, and medications don't cure but rather mask symptoms. I cannot stress enough, this man is gold! His staff are amazing, and clinic is clean/welcoming. Cheers to happy health and overall wellbeing.

- Paul J.

Dr. Le is an amazing doctor! He is difficult to sum up in a few sentences. We are so happy to have found him. My mom was in a car accident and could not turn her neck for a very long time, despite several appointments to different doctors and cortisone shots. After seeing Dr. Le, she was able to turn her head. He has helped a variety of people I know, from a cousin with serious injuries from being jumped, to friends and coworkers. I will continue to recommend him as he is much more than a chiropractor. He is extremely knowledgeable (more so than several specialists I have gone to) on many aspects of medicine and finds the real cause of the problem. He also has very advanced methods (and equipment) and is affordable since my insurance is accepted (not so for other chiropractors). I would still go to Dr. Le, even if I had to pay out of pocket (he's that good).

- Ellen S.

A few years ago my mom needed to go to chiropractor and I started to surf the net and insurance providers to find a good chiropractor (That's being said because I usually don't trust doctors and check and recheck them every time they say something) and I chose few doctors and Dr Viet Le from ACN Wellness was one of them. We visited all those doctors however after visiting Dr Le we didn't want to anyone else. We were happy to find him! A few months ago my dad was in the car accident and couldn't walk, I took him to another chiropractor closer to home so we don't need to drive, but the difference was so huge! We went to Dr Le even though we had to drive quite a bit. One month later my dad was walking as before! Dr Le spends with patients very long time by curing, talking, laughing, joking, he makes every visit unforgettable and every time you want to go back even though you feel perfect! I visited him last week as i was waking up at nights because of the pain in my lumbar part of the spine. After only 2 visits and his magical hands it has been already a week I'm sleeping as never before! I highly recommend Dr Le! Try and you would see!

- Ani A.