What to Expect

Consultation & Physical Examination

Consultation & Physical Examination

After completing the initial patient paperwork, you will meet one on one with the clinical director, Dr. Le. An extensive examination and personal assessment will be used to determine needs. At this point, any diagnostic test or treatment plans can be prescribed.


Testing & Review of Symptoms

Every person has unique features and circumstances that may require specialized testing. This can range from x-rays and MRIs to verify the patient’s alignment to gastronomic and blood tests that isolate microbiological and genetic influencers. If necessary and beneficial, the doctor may recommend a diagnostic test to better understand the source of your condition


Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Whether directly diagnosable or incorporating testing, the doctor will begin addressing your immediate concerns while organizing a personal treatment plan for your specific needs.

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Each and every case will be different. Typically, Dr. Le will decide if your case is an acute or chronic condition. Acute conditions may only require a short course of treatment. Chronic conditions may require more extensive diagnositics, courses of treatment and re-evaluation. Every case is different. Our focus is always in treating the underlying cause of your condition and reaching a resolution or a cure to your condition. Painful conditions that have been around longer will likely take longer to treat. 

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